Marlow Linney-Smith (marloww) wrote,
Marlow Linney-Smith

She's Awake! [closed]

It was early in the morning, not nearly nine o'clock, the simulated sun filtering in through the windows bright as Marlow sat curled up in the large chair beside her mother's bed at St. Mungo's. She rested her chin in her hand as she watched Rowan lay there, body freshly bandaged as she lay sleeping. She didn't like to think of it as her mother being in a coma, the word leaving her with a chill and a sense of permanence she didn't want to necessarily linger on. So, her mother was sleeping, and frankly, looking calmer than she had actually ever seen her before.

She yawned, large and shaking, as she leaned back.

It had been twelve days- long and unnerving- since her mother's attack and the man responsible was still on the loose. Her father was a wreck, all sense of strength and stability out the window when the idea of his wife disappearing from his life entered his mind. Jonah wasn't much better, stumbling around the hospital while he was here.

She wasn't exactly a pillar of strength herself but she at least knew how to hide it most of the time.

When Zacharias came through the door, she perked, though, the surge of happiness she felt when he was in her presence never-ending. Especially when she saw the two steaming cups of coffee in his hands.

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