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I've Forgotten What Silence Sounds Like. [Closed]

It was eerie, actually.

The sound of absolutely nothing.

As far as Marlow knew, Brutus was outside, roaming the backyard, probably contemplating whether to bring home a dead bird or a dead mouse- either of which will give Marlow that same churn in her stomach as she hurries to bury it before Clover can see. The girl has a thing with animals. Not like Marlow couldn't understand, but the hour long sobbing dramatics were enough to make Marlow contemplate a silencing charm every now and again.

Not that she would ever-


No, of course not.

But now, as she sat curled up on the overly cushy couch she and Riah had bought last fall, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh of pleasure. Clover was spending the day with her grandparents, no doubt driving them absolutely mad. She smiled at the thought, then grinned when she remembered she had hours to herself for the first time in what honestly felt like two years - and Riah was due home any minute.

She hoped he had the ice cream she requested. And the wine.

They had a lot of couch lounging to make up for.
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Zacharias was a proper movie star. He had movie premieres and red carpets. He'd been invited to a grand total of one awards show so far.

And he's just wrapped a zombie (well, more of a plague, really) movie that evening.

So he wasn't A-list, but he also wasn't on the stage which was tedious or in simple print ads anymore which was mundane.

He also had a beautiful daughter and gorgeous wife at home. Well, Marlow should be at home. Clover should be with Marlow's parents for a bit longer, getting spoiled even more rotten than she already was and getting slowly taught that she could get away with murder if she wanted because that's the only logical conclusion when you were a Linney-Smith.

So instead of hitting up the wrap party, Zacharias headed home to get reacquainted with his sofa, after a quick detour for ice cream and wine. The necessities of life.

Zacharias juggled the bags briefly in his hands before unlocking the door and stepping inside, holding up the bottle a bit more triumphant than he should really be as he kicked the door shut.

"Ready to celebrate like proper teenagers?" He grinned at Marlow, already curled up on the couch. It still amazed him sometimes the changes between now and a few short years ago. And he wouldn't change it for the world.
She had become tangled up in the couch, curled up against a throw pillow, a blanket tossed over her legs. When she heard the door, she twisted, turned and then poked her head up with a sheepish smile on her face. She had an old dime store romance tucked in one hand, a story about a love-torn vampire and his unrequited obsession with the neighboring fairy. It was horrible- but it was exactly the sort of escape she had been looking for.

When she saw her husband standing there proud, the bottle of wine in one hand and ice cream in the other, she grinned.

"My prince charming!" she said, tossing the book to the coffee table. "How was it? Are you sad it's all over now?"

She couldn't wait to see the final cut- she had always loved a good zombie story. At least, the muggle kind.
"Shockingly, no." He laughed, crossing the room in a few strides. "If I never have to get bitten by an extra again, it'll be too soon."

They'd been doing a lot of the more action packed, running from the zombies scenes toward the end. There were a few variations on the ending, all that had to be shot completely out of order. He wasn't even sure which lead lived and died at the end and wouldn't be until the final cut came out some time next year.

Zacharias leaned down to press a kiss to Marlow's lips, grinning before he'd even pulled back.

"How the vampire Romeo and fairy Juliet developing?" He nodded toward the book she'd discarded. Her bookshelves would never stop being random and hysterical.
She cringed when he mentioned being bitten. As much as she loved growing up and watching pictures her mother showed her, she'd never understand actually being an actor or actress. Still, she could watch Riah lose himself completely in a role, and it was fascinating. She had to admit, she loved it.

She was still smiling at his kiss to her lips when she caught on to what he was asking and she laughed, shaking her head.

"It's a downright disaster," she told him, sighing. "They're having issues right now- what with fairies being all sunlight and happiness, they're thinking Jaque might die from his love for Sienna-"

Those names. Ridiculous with a capital R.

"But I just got past a pretty steamy love scene, so it's been worth it-"
"Oh no. How will they ever pull through this shocking and totally unpredictable obstacle?" Zacharias deadpanned. He wasn't one to judge. He'd just come off a string of completely formulaic rom-coms. This was the pattern.

Then his lips quirked and he kissed Marlow again, eyes shinning as he pulled back and winked at her, a bit over the top but totally unapologetic.

"Does that mean I have the most amazing timing?"
She laughed brightly.

In the nearly four years since Marlow and Zacharias had reconnected, it was sort of bonkers to realize how everything had changed. They weren't fooling around anymore, wondering if they were going to actually commit or not. They were married, they had a daughter- a rambunctious and sweet two year old who looked more and more like her father every single day.

If someone had told back in Hogwarts that she'd end up married to Zacharias Smith, she wouldn't know what to think.

And yet here they were.

And it felt perfect.

"Hmmm, it depends on what kind of ice cream you've got," she said, nudging at his chest cheekily.
"I get it. You're only in this for all the ice cream I can buy you," Zacharias teased.

He'd never worried about that, not with Marlow. Not in all the years of their silly will-they-won't-they circling. Not when they went so long without seeing one another.

And never even when they reconnected.

He'd always been questionable of people who wanted to interact with him, but never with Marlow. There had always been something different with them, and Zacharias was always thankful for that. He'd never have imagined the life and family they had built together, but it made so much sense for the two of them.

"It's peanut butter and salted caramel," he told her, turning around to pull the container out of the bag. "What do you take me for, an amateur?"
She let out an excited squeal, one much like Clover when she was feeling particularly giddy about something. Oh well, they do say that the apple doesn't fall far from the salted caramel, or something, right? She grinned, her hand reaching briefly for the ice cream before resting on his chest, fingers curling into his shirt.

"You are a beautiful, beautiful man, Zacharias Smith-" she said, pulling herself up from behind the couch to plant a proper kiss on his lips.

"You do know we're alone for the next, oh, three hours, right?" she told him.

Then, with a firm tug, she pulled him from behind the couch so he could get tangled up with her.
Zacharias couldn't stop from laughing at the pure giddy he could get out of Marlow with a simple gallon of ice cream and showing up.

Again, they fit together so well for a reason.

"Alone for three whole hours?" Zacharias mused, leaning in with the tug. He went easily, sliding onto the sofa with her with practiced ease and a laugh, ice cream getting discarded on the coffee table nearby.

"What are we ever going to do with that eternity?"


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She chewed on the inside of her cheek, biting back another bout of laughter. She situated herself properly now, on the couch, pulling her legs out from underneath her so she could kneel in front of him, a bright and rather goofy grin playing at her lips.

"I dunno, husband," she said, moving to wrap her arms around his shoulders. "We haven't had this much alone time since-"

She tilted her head to the side, her fingers playing at the hair at the nape of his neck.

"Well, since before Clover was born-"

She leaned forward, her lips catching on his cheek. She was always so proud of him for getting work, knowing that breaking into an industry like film couldn't be easy. And she knew he loved what he did- but Merlin, was she happy just to have him home- really home- not waking up three in the morning for call times, or dealing with weekend long press tours.

"I just can't imagine how we could possibly fill the time-"
Zacharias slid his hands down her sides to settle along her hips as Marlow faced him. He was stupidly exhausted, the last few weeks involving stupidly early calls, and Clover demanding all his extra time (what little there had been).

It was always worth the juggling act. But this was also what was worth everything, every minute they got together, alone. So rare as those times were nowadays.

"There are a few options I can think of," Zacharias told her, head turning to catch her lips again.
She melted right into his kiss, leaning against him for a long moment, her teeth catching his bottom lip. She could have stayed there the rest of the night, just tangled up in him. But she knew the time they had while Clover was with her parents was limited, and she wanted to make it worth it.

She pulled back, slowly, her eyes catching his as she offered him a sultry smile.

"I can, too-" she said, her fingers deftly reaching behind him, wrapping around the remote. "In fact, I was thinking we could start the next episode of Breaking Bad-"

She grinned.

"What do you think?"
Zacharias grinned, blue eyes lighting up. Once upon a time, he would have groaned and possibly put on a big show about how much of a tease she was.

But they were talking Breaking Bad here.

"You haven't watched ahead of me, have you?" He looked at, very accusatory, reaching out to find his wand and have two spoon floating their way before he'd even settled back against the sofa beside her.

"Because if you watched ahead, I'm never forgiving you. And I'm uninviting you to the premiere."

How bizarre their lives were. You have time without your child running you ragged and you spent it on a mini binge of a television show? What kind of people had they become?

Parents. That's what they were.
"I would never betray you like that!"

She was affronted, truly, clutching hand to chest as if she had just been struck, her lips parted in shock.

She held on to the act for a moment while she switched on their television, the large flat screen lighting up momentarily as it loaded. The joys of the duality of Muggle and Wizard life. Breaking Bad and Summoning Charms. It was the perfect life.

Once the DVR loaded, she turned to look at him, finally breaking.

"I can't believe you threatened to uninvite me to your premiere!" she said shaking her head with laughter. "Your agent would kill you if you didn't show up with your mega fit wife-"
"I'd spend the whole red carpet telling everyone about your gross betrayal of my trust," Zacharias explained, catching the spoons in the air and discarding his wand to the table.

He popped the lid off the ice cream and slid hand up Marlow's back, walking his fingers up to her shoulder before tugging her back toward him.

"I'd be completely justified that you ruined the last season for me. Even my agent, dreadful old bat that she is, would let me off the hook for that one."

It was hilarious, really. Marlow and Zacharias didn't spend all of their time in either the wizarding or muggle worlds. Somehow, they still managed to be - admittedly - pretty active and impressive in both.

Who would have thought?
"I'm hurt you'd think me so cruel," she replied, her voice just a bit more posh than necessary, airing on the side of sounding roughly sixty five years old- honestly, a very close impression to her mother's mother.

She played at tears in her eyes, wiping them away dramatically before snatching a spoon from Zacharias and digging it into the ice cream with a flourish.

"I'm just so lucky I have this to drown my sorrows-" her mouth slightly full with her favorite, too caught up in the act to recognize just how bloody delicious it was.

She sniffled before selecting the most recent episode from the DVR list.

"Are you ready?"
"I'm never forgiving you for The West Wing Incident," Zacharias told her, complete with pointed spoon in her direction.

One time she'd watched ahead and that would be one time he would never let her forget. Was he petty? Yes. No one would ever accuse him of anything less, married with children or not.

He settled back against the plush sofa cushions a bit more, making a big production of shifting and finding the optimal viewing position. Then be dug his spoon into the ice cream along side hers and nodded, solemn.

"Yep. Let's do this. We've got two episodes to get through before it's back to the real world."
Marlow was going to respond to The West Wing attack, she was going to swipe a smack at his leg. But frankly, he was correct- it had been something she did that if he had returned the favor, she'd likely divorce him.

So she let it go.

She was lucky he was still married to her.

"Don't you think this is why they invented Time Turners?" she asked him, sinking into the couch beside him, her legs promptly resting atop his, tangling them together as they rest on the coffee table. "To give overwhelmed parents some extra time to breath?"
Zacharias slung an around over the back of the sofa, letting his wife snuggle closer against him. He supposed that if watching ahead of him on television shows was the biggest problem they had, they were doing pretty well.

That didn't mean he was ever going to let her forget about it.

"They left that part out of this History. But I'm guessing it is." Long days with working and then chasing around children - even if they only had the one - left little time for anything else. Maybe she was on to something. A timeturner would have been helpful.

"The real question is do they have something that'll let us just skip straight to bedtime every day? Because I could get behind that."
She laughed, her voice muffled slightly as it was pressed against his chest. She really knew how to cling right up against him. It was sweet, too, when Clover was with them, their little girl knowing just how to sprawl herself out against both mummy and daddy's laps. She missed Clover just then.

Even when she was exhausted and ready to pass out, she missed her baby girl way too much.

"But then you wouldn't be able to experience bathtime," she said. "You know Clover loves to splash daddy, how could you think to take that away from her!"
Zacharias laughed, content and relaxed. All the stress of the past few weeks draining out of him. He brushed his fingers through Marlow's hair, ice cream still clinging to the roof of his mouth for a second.

"Okay, that's true. Bathtime is always a great time." And it really was. All their routines were tiring, but Zacharias loved it.

"And I guess I'd really miss readng her the same story eight times." He chuckled again, looking down at Marlow as if he'd just come to a resolution - even though it was one that he'd long since realized. "She's got me completely wrapped around her finger, doesn't she?"
The sound of his laughter soothed her, from the way it reverberated against her hair, to the way it tangled in her stomach- even the tiniest tinge of laughter made her feel like she was a teenager again. It was amazing how all these later, he still had such an effect on her.

"You're just realizing this now?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. "Merlin, love, it's been this way since she was born-"

She loved it, though.

"She's the one in charge here, not us."
"True. This is her domain. We just pay for it." And who would want it any other way?

Every day that Zacharias got to come home from the craziest job ever to the most beautiful little girl in existence and the gorgeous mother she was taking after more every day? Every time he got to feel Marlow pressed against him, comfortable and carefree.

Those days were the days Zacharias wouldn't trade anything for.

"I think we've got a pretty good hold on this parenting thing, though. She wields her power kindly. Just like her mother," he teased.
A commercial came up, and instead of pressing fast forward, Marlow took the thirty seconds reprieve to follow that train of thought given to her by Zacharias.

"Speaking of-" she said, spoon hovering near her mouth. "What do you think about us expanding on the whole family thing?"

It had been a point of thought she'd been hovering on the past few weeks- having another kid. She'd always wanted more than one- at least two, really, to emulate what her parents had. And two years had gone by since Clover was born- that was enough time right?

"You know, maybe having another one?"

She pressed her lips together and she looked up at him.
Marlow may not have fast forwarded, but she may as well as turned the tv off at this point. Zacharias hadn't really expected her to bring that up.

He'd thought it, a few times. A lot of their friends had multiple children at this point. Saying he hadn't thought of it would have been a complete lie. He wasn't sure Marlow had been on the same page, though.

And with how much he'd been gone with this last film, he wasn't sure she'd have even been on board. Then there was Marlow, going ahead and voicing things he was thinking before he'd even put it together.

"I mean, we're doing awesome with the first one." It was true. Everyone universally adored Clover, even when she was a terror the way any toddler her age was prone to.

"Do you want another one? You want to try this whole baby thing all over again?"


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