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Marlow Linney-Smith
18 September 2016 @ 11:26 pm
Marlow Linney was feeling guilty.

More so, she was feeling nauseous. So much so that she had spent the majority of the night in and out of the loo with that hideous thing they call morning sickness even if it clung to you throughout every single hour of the day. Where it got the name, she'd never guess.

But as she sat there, curled up beside the toilet, she realized it was likely time to actually tell her husband they were expecting their second child. It had hardly been a month since they talked about expanding, and here she was six weeks along.

It hadn't exactly been prime time to talk about, though, what with their house guest currently living out his first weekend as a werewolf and the school year having just begun. But she didn't want that to overwhelm the good news, because it was.

It was exceptionally good news.

"Baby-" she called out, leaning back against the cabinet door of the vanity. "Riah-"
Marlow Linney-Smith
15 September 2016 @ 11:38 pm
There was a faint whirring noise, something like that of a spinning top coming from behind the massive double doors that led inside the Potions classroom. It was just after midnight, the hallways of the dungeon clear aside from the brief flash of a house elf or two working the nightshift in the castle. But all the students were tucked into their beds, as far as anyone knew or could ever know. This was Hogwarts, after all.

A light bit of smoke seeped from underneath the doors leading into the Potions classroom, Marlow Linney standing in a haze of wolfsbane as it seeped into her pores, her body laughably small in comparison to the massive cauldron sitting before her.

It was nearing the full moon, the day next letting everyone know if the bite officially took to Patrick. It seemed fruitless to think otherwise, especially with the added effects of his sudden magical ability. But still, she was holding out hope that it wasn't going to happen, that the bite merely gave him something special but that it wasn't going to affect him the way it had affected Seamus. Or Lupin. At least Sebastian had lived it his entire life- though there wasn't much solace there, either.

She brushed back the frizzy ends of her hair, the heat from the potion causing a slight growth in her curls, as she watched her wand spin slowly, hovering just a few inches above the cauldron. The wolfsbane potion was moments from being finished.

Twelve vials were lined up on the desk beside her, all similar in size but in a varying array of colors. One vial serving for each night, for each of the men in her life who had learned to rely on the effects of the potion. It was odd how this had come to her, how each of these men meant something so special to Marlow.

But she wouldn't dream of anyone else handling this for them.

With a flick of her wrist, she watched as each vial was filled and corked. She collected the bottles in their own muslin bags - three to a package. With her typical note wishing the best she could in a situation like this, she attached them with a red ribbon and tucked them against her chest as she made her way up to the Owlry.

She would keep Patrick's with her, as she planned to be there in person with him as he prepared, but the rest she sent to their rightful receiver. Even Lupin received his by Owl, delivered directly to the cottage he shared with Tonks and Teddy in Hogsmeade - not very far from her own home with Zacharias and Clover.

She watched as three Barn owls flew off into the night sky, her elbow resting on the edge of the window, as one hand rested against her stomach. She swallowed, thinking of the weekend ahead for her friends, and then selfishly thinking about her family and the pregnancy she hadn't yet told Zacharias about. Leave it to Mercury in retrograde for all of this to happen at once.
Marlow Linney-Smith
It was eerie, actually.

The sound of absolutely nothing.

As far as Marlow knew, Brutus was outside, roaming the backyard, probably contemplating whether to bring home a dead bird or a dead mouse- either of which will give Marlow that same churn in her stomach as she hurries to bury it before Clover can see. The girl has a thing with animals. Not like Marlow couldn't understand, but the hour long sobbing dramatics were enough to make Marlow contemplate a silencing charm every now and again.

Not that she would ever-


No, of course not.

But now, as she sat curled up on the overly cushy couch she and Riah had bought last fall, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh of pleasure. Clover was spending the day with her grandparents, no doubt driving them absolutely mad. She smiled at the thought, then grinned when she remembered she had hours to herself for the first time in what honestly felt like two years - and Riah was due home any minute.

She hoped he had the ice cream she requested. And the wine.

They had a lot of couch lounging to make up for.
Marlow Linney-Smith
03 May 2014 @ 07:20 pm
It had only been a couple of weeks since the battle. Everything still felt weird as if their whole world had changed in the blink of an eye. And it had. It was as if everyone was walking on egg shells in a way that made her feel uncomfortable, Marlow wishing everyone would just snap out of it, would be happy for the peace and quiet and go on with their lives. But too much had happened, too much was lost and she knew it would be a long time before anyone would feel comfortable again.

She was unpacking, her trunk open in the middle of the bedroom and things tossed everywhere. She had lost quite a bit during the war, when they all took refuge in the Room of Requirement, and her trunk was emptier than usual. But Newt was still crawling around her bed, pawing at an old sweater and Brutus was cooing on the windowsill.

The relief emitting through the room was palpable.

Just as she was trying to sort where all her books would go, her mum called from downstairs.

"Honey- Zoey is here-"
Marlow Linney-Smith
27 April 2014 @ 06:54 pm
It was early in the morning, not nearly nine o'clock, the simulated sun filtering in through the windows bright as Marlow sat curled up in the large chair beside her mother's bed at St. Mungo's. She rested her chin in her hand as she watched Rowan lay there, body freshly bandaged as she lay sleeping. She didn't like to think of it as her mother being in a coma, the word leaving her with a chill and a sense of permanence she didn't want to necessarily linger on. So, her mother was sleeping, and frankly, looking calmer than she had actually ever seen her before.

She yawned, large and shaking, as she leaned back.

It had been twelve days- long and unnerving- since her mother's attack and the man responsible was still on the loose. Her father was a wreck, all sense of strength and stability out the window when the idea of his wife disappearing from his life entered his mind. Jonah wasn't much better, stumbling around the hospital while he was here.

She wasn't exactly a pillar of strength herself but she at least knew how to hide it most of the time.

When Zacharias came through the door, she perked, though, the surge of happiness she felt when he was in her presence never-ending. Especially when she saw the two steaming cups of coffee in his hands.