Marlow Linney-Smith (marloww) wrote,
Marlow Linney-Smith

I've Forgotten What Silence Sounds Like. [Closed]

It was eerie, actually.

The sound of absolutely nothing.

As far as Marlow knew, Brutus was outside, roaming the backyard, probably contemplating whether to bring home a dead bird or a dead mouse- either of which will give Marlow that same churn in her stomach as she hurries to bury it before Clover can see. The girl has a thing with animals. Not like Marlow couldn't understand, but the hour long sobbing dramatics were enough to make Marlow contemplate a silencing charm every now and again.

Not that she would ever-


No, of course not.

But now, as she sat curled up on the overly cushy couch she and Riah had bought last fall, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh of pleasure. Clover was spending the day with her grandparents, no doubt driving them absolutely mad. She smiled at the thought, then grinned when she remembered she had hours to herself for the first time in what honestly felt like two years - and Riah was due home any minute.

She hoped he had the ice cream she requested. And the wine.

They had a lot of couch lounging to make up for.
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