Marlow Linney-Smith (marloww) wrote,
Marlow Linney-Smith

So, About Extending the Family [closed]

Marlow Linney was feeling guilty.

More so, she was feeling nauseous. So much so that she had spent the majority of the night in and out of the loo with that hideous thing they call morning sickness even if it clung to you throughout every single hour of the day. Where it got the name, she'd never guess.

But as she sat there, curled up beside the toilet, she realized it was likely time to actually tell her husband they were expecting their second child. It had hardly been a month since they talked about expanding, and here she was six weeks along.

It hadn't exactly been prime time to talk about, though, what with their house guest currently living out his first weekend as a werewolf and the school year having just begun. But she didn't want that to overwhelm the good news, because it was.

It was exceptionally good news.

"Baby-" she called out, leaning back against the cabinet door of the vanity. "Riah-"
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